Verde Alfieri

Jewelry Design

Melting Verde, digital art

Melting Verde is the name with which Verde Alfieri presents her digital art artworks created since the late nineties. The works created are the result of a long experimentation on paper prior to that decade.

The drawings on paper were then replaced by digital elaborations through the use of well-known illustration and photo retouching programs, thus giving life to a more elaborate new artistic expression made of light and contrast, colors and two-dimensional sinuous shapes.

Disegno a matita in bianco e nero
“Untitled”, matita su carta, 1989

Melting Verde is also the title of the first solo exhibition held in 2010 in Milan and in which a series of digital art works, printed on canvas in large format, were shown.

Uno delle opere digital art realizzate da Melting Verde rappresenta un oceano blu profondo con luci, ombre e forme sinuose
“Waterland”, 2012

The chromatic research and the study of two-dimensional shapes characterize every digital work created until around 2015, the year in which Verde temporarily interrupts this activity to start to create contemporary jewelry, waiting for digital art to have a wider role with a right recognition and a proper market.

Melting Verde, digital art, colorate forme sinuose rese tridimensionali grazie a giochi di luce e ombre
“Colors 2”, 2010.
Melting Verde, digital art, un fondale dark in cui campeggiano fiamme di luce nere e arancioni
“Black shadow”, 2010.

In 2022 Melting Verde will return to present its works in digital art. A new collection of digital artworks will be online soon as NFT.