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Portrait of Verde Alfieri
Verde Alfieri

Verde Alfieri, Venetian, lives and works in Milan. She is the daughter of the well-known Italian publisher, journalist and art critic Bruno Alfieri.

Her frequent visits to artists’ ateliers, the experiences lived in the family environment and in her hometown, led her to approach the artistic world and in particular digital art since the mid-Nineties, participating in international competitions and exhibitions with name of Melting Verde.

Contemporary jewelry, among ropes, paper and miniatures

Verde’s artistic growth underwent a profound evolution in 2013 when she began to combine his work as a graphic designer and her passion for digital art with the creation of contemporary jewellery.

Since 2015 Verde has been creating small wearable sculptures with a strong artistic connotation beautifully handcrafted with unique shapes and color combinations.

It is by continuously experimenting with new materials that she will come to constantly develop new collections with an exclusive design.

Paper jewelry collections

Today paper is the main protagonist of Verde Alfieri jewelry collections, which are sometimes combined with wood, natural stones, ribbons and cotton threads and recycled materials with the utmost respect for ethical and sustainable processing.

paper jewelry processing steps

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