SemperVerde, trendy jewels

SemperVerde is a collection of trendy jewelry made of paper with a modern and simple, colorful design, created in the stylistic signature of Verde Alfieri.

Immediately recognizable for the cicle shapes but also for the sinuous ones folded by hand, and for the color combinations, this jewelry collection today must to be considered trendy and above all inclusive. Wearable by anyone who wants to be glamorous, trendy and create his own colorful look with trendy accessories.

SempreVerde the new collection of modern and fashionable paper jewellery composed of choker necklaces, bracelets and pendants with immediately recognizable shapes and the stylistic signature of Verde Alfieri
Matching choker without closure and snake bracelet.

Discover choker necklaces, snake bracelets, pendants with their magnificent colors combinations and simple shapes on sale at a competitive price accessible to all.

Thin choker in black and white made of paper
Black and white choker in black and white, with the typical stripes design that characterizes Verde Alfieri jewels

Each jewel is strictly handmade with small paper elements cut, drilled and threaded one by one by hand onto non-deformable steel wire.

Thin bracelet of colored paper and in the shape of a snake
In the collection you will also find bracelets, made in the shape of a snake

It is a perfect gift idea for any occasion, especially for lovers of trendy jewelry and innovative design. One size fits all, extendable but above all inclusive, a jewel for everyone!

Discover the available jewels that you can purchase in the online shop directly in the dedicated category.

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