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Gift card, the perfect gift for incredible online shopping!

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Gift card 80€ to use online, perfect for a unique and last minute gift, you will receive it within hours via email as a coupon discount code.

Read the instructions below:


> add your gift card to your cart

> provide your email address where indicated, it will be used to send you the code that you will receive within hours of purchase along with simple information for its use.

> the gift card is immediately active and you can use it immediately

> the gift card is valid for 3 months from the day of activation on the card/file itself and once expired will automatically expire.


The Verde Alfieri gift card works as a discount voucher to be used for a single purchase or for a multiple order whose total exceeds the value of the card (even by a few euros).

It is necessary in such a case to make a purchase with a total amount equal to or greater than the value of the card (even by very few euros) in order to complete the transaction and use the card as a voucher.

Once used, the card will expire automatically.

>>>> The gift card is non-refundable and non-convertible to cash.

The card can be used in Italy and abroad.

The value of the card is expressed in Euros, but it is automatically exchanged into the currency of reference to the country where the card will be used, which means that you will buy the card with the exchange rate in your local currency.

As required by European Union law and also by U.S. federal law GIFT CARDS PURCHASES ARE NOT REFUNDABLE.

>>>> Current law in Europe and the United States (as well as in many other countries) regarding online purchases EXCLUDES digital goods (i.e., items not physically made like gift cards) from the seller’s obligation to cancel and refund.

Verde Alfieri is protected by law and will NOT refund any gift card mistakenly purchased after sending it to the buyer.

>> With the current anti-fraud laws on credit cards used for online purchases, any request to cancel the gift card order before the actual mailing will not be considered legitimate and 30% of the order will be withheld.

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