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Colorful bracelets, yellow, gray, white and black striped design

Do you love unique and exclusive jewelry? Here’s one for you!


Do you love unique and exclusive jewelry? Here’s one for you!


Colorful bracelets are a perfect accessory to complete your look and add a touch of color to your style. This yellow, gray, black, and white precious paper bangle bracelet is part of the “Stripes Bracelet” collection, one of the most beautiful of all models available, with an incredible color combinations.

It is handmade from hundreds of paper elements cut into semi-circles, hand-punched and strung one by one on double steel wire that will never deform from its original shape even after wearing it many times. The closure is with small metal beads placed at both ends. A fantastic gift, a real must have!

Discover all Stripes bracelets available in the dedicated section of the shop.

One-size-fits-all bracelet easy to wear.

All jewelry is made to order, processing times vary depending on the jewelry purchased ranging from 2/3 days for earrings and bracelets to 5/6 for necklaces.

Shipping to Italy and abroad is made by the Italian Post Service express courier, an email will be sent with the tracking number.
Delivery time: 1 to 2 days in Italy, 3/4 days for Europe, and 14/16 days for intercontinental shipments including the U.S. and Canada (shipping days may vary depending on the time of year, such as the Christmas season – we are not responsible for any delays in delivery).

Each piece of jewelry in our collections is lightweight, solid, eco-sustainable, durable and moisture-resistant.
No protective varnishes are applied; the high-quality special papers used are treated at the origin to be protected, strong and durable.

Paper jewel care

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