Paper jewellery care

In this page you will discover how to take care of paper jewels from the Verde Alfieri collections.

Please remember that the craftsmanship and any small imperfections make each jewel unique and precious, increasing its artistic value. A paper jewel is a small sculpture to wear and can be made in multiples but there will never be one identical to the other: your jewel will be exclusively yours. Each paper jewelry is a small sculpture to wear and can be made in multiples but there will never be one alike: your jewel will be exclusively yours.

How to take care of paper jewellery, example of paper jewelery making

The paper

Verde Alfieri makes the jewelry with recycled papers from books or precious papers produced by Italian and international paper mills.

The papers are produced without the use of acids or chemical agents and through treatments in absolute compliance with all sustainability criteria, as specified by the paper mills themselves.

The process

The paper used is cut by hand or with special cutting machine and then finished with scissors or sandpaper.

The natural matte surface of the papers used is preserved by the application of protective lacquer, this ensures that the characteristic texture and softness of the paper is preserved and always perceptible to the touch.

paper elements

Paper jewellery care: solid and resistant to moisture.

The small size of the paper elements and the quantity used in each jewel means that moisture or small drops of water are not retained for long, evaporating. These are the two main technical characteristics of Verde Alfieri paper jewels.

Here are the 3 fundamental rules for the care and maintenance of your jewellery:

  • Remove your paper jewelry before showering, when washing your hands.
  • Do not wear paper jewelry where there is a lot of water, such as at the seaside, in a swimming pool, on a boat, etc.
  • Let cosmetics and perfumes dry before wearing your paper jewelry.
  • Store your jewelry in a case or its own fabric bag when not worn.

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