Cronotopi, paper sculptures

Cronotopi, paper sculptures, home jewels between art and design, between shape and colour, between space and time. A small universe of arti objects, where each single work beat space and time through the multiple paper elements of which it is composed.

Spazio e Tempo merge in shapes and colors through their infinite repetition, characterized by straight and curved lines and a wide range of shades.

Unique sculptures, where time expands into space, and vice versa, in a single homogeneous entity: Spazio composed of thousands of paper elements created and manipulated in Tempo which finds its dimension in Space.

This infinite and continuous game in an inseparable bond has given life to the Cronotopi, a collection of small paper artefacts like jewels for the home between art and design.

Paper object, art sculpture in precious black paper, an artistic sculpture
Spazio nr. 1, collection Cronotipi, 2024

Here is Spazio nr.1, the first of the “Spazio” series and therefore the first objet d’art of the Cronotopi collection made strictly by hand with precious black paper. It is not a vase but a small sculputeral jewel for your home.

Spazio e Tempo in the Cronotopi paper sculpture collection

Spazio and Tempo are two series of modern sculptures made by hand with thousands of paper elements grouped and spaced from each other by the rhythm of a game of full and empty spaces.

Soon online also the series Tempo, from the temporal feature.

Both series are available for purchase, visit the shop in the Chronotopes section.

Verde Alfieri creates contemporary paper sculptures and jewellery, discover the collections by visiting the website here

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