Diva. Italian Glamour in Fashion Jewellery

Diva. Italian Glamour in Fashion Jewellery, where magnificent jewelry by Italian designers and brands represent Italy in a three-year-long exhibition that will touch numerous countries around the world.

The first show of the exhibition was inaugurated in Abu Dhabi on 22 June 2021, today in 2023 is in China at the Shenzen Jewelry Museum after a trip long about two years acfross many countries in the Middle East and African continent.

Diva! the Italian Glamour in fashion jewelry

The exhibition curated by Alba Cappellieri (PoliDesign) is organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Diva is an important event involving recognized names in Italian Haute Couture and jewelry design selected to represent Made in Italy and told in an interesting historical and critical journey on Italian fashion jewelry.

Verde Alfieri paper necklace
Verde Alfieri, Pathos, paper series, 2019

The Pathos necklace, among the masterpieces of Verde Alfieri‘s paper jewelry collections, and already displayed in February 2020 at HOMI Fashion & Jewels, was chosen for this exhibition along with other talented designers.

Diva. Italian Glamour in Fashion Jewellery catalog published by Silvana Editoriale
The cover of the catalog, a beautiful 300-page volume in Italian and English.

Accompanying DIVA! Italian Glamour in Fashion Jewellery is the beautiful catalog published by Silvana Editoriale and edited again by Alba Cappellieri. Inside is the wonderful jewelry made by the talented designers that will be on display along with the Pathos necklace.

Diva will travel a long way around the world during three years of exhibitions.

It will be possible to visit Diva at:
United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi), June 16-July 10, 2021
Qatar (Doha) August 1 – September 10, 2021
Bahrain, October 1 – November 10, 2021
Jordan (Amman), Dec. 1-Jan. 10, 2022
China (Chongqing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong), Feb. 1-July 10, 2022
Vietnam (Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City), Aug. 1-Nov. 10, 2022
Australia (Melbourne), Dec. 1-Jan. 10, 2023
Not listed but to be confirmed, other eastern stops, Europe and the US.

Find all the information (and more) at the very interesting dedicated site www.divaexhibition.com

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