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Christmas Gift Guide 2023

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Choose an original, never seen before gift, an exclusively designed handmade jewel.

Choose the originality of high Italian craftsmanship that gives a clamorous mood to your style.

Buy one of Verde Alfieri’s jewels handmade with precious papers, unique and inimitable.

emerald green paper necklace and three knots
Long emerald green necklace with three knots, without closure. Click to purchase
three-color paper short necklace with a central knot
Short tricolor necklace with central knot. Click to purchase
long black necklace made of paper with three knots
Black long necklace without closure with three knots. Click to purchase

These wonderful necklaces? They are made with oval paper elements strung one by one alternated with glass beads. The originality of this jewels are the knots, two in the long necklaces and a central one in the short one. Do you like it but in a different color? Write an email to for your requests for a custom jewel..

Christmas Gift Guide 2023, precious choker made of paper with gold dust
Christmas Gift Guide 2023: “Black Star” choker necklace. Click on the image to purchase
Christmas Gift Guide 2023, bracelet in white and gold pins
Elegant bracelet in white with gold pins. Click to purchase
Christmas Gift Guide 2023, black dangling earrings in the shape of a spiral
Spiral dangle earrings. Click to purchase

We offer exclusive matched jewelry in customizable sets, but you can always choose your own jewel by visiting the shop

handmade green torchon choker with precious paper
Torchon choker in shades of green. Click on the image to purchase
Elegant turquoise paper bracelet with small brass pins
Turquoise bracelet, Click to buy
Christmas Gift Guide 2023, Petals choker necklace in turquoise and brown
Turquoise and brown “Petals” necklace

Among the beautiful shades of all the colors used in jewelry making, turquoise is the most beloved by far. A shade that expresses beauty and is often paired with brown or gold.

Yellow gray and black circle bracelet made of paper, designer jewelry
Circle bracelet from the Stripes Bracelet collection. Click to purchase
large flower-shaped dangle earrings
Large earrings in the shape of a flower. Click to purchase
black-colored choker necklace with spiral design
Black torchon crew neck. Click to purchase

Circle bracelets from the Stripes Bracelet Collection match perfectly with all necklaces and chokers, their striped design allows for unique color combinations, and easy color matching with your outfit as well.

black and white triangle pendant earrings
Black and white triangular dangle earrings. Click to purchase
two-color black and white handmade choker necklace with precious papers
Short triangular twisted necklace in black and white.Click to buy
hoop bracelet, wide, black with white stripes made of paper
Black and white hoop bracelet from the Stripes Bracelet collection. Click to purchase

Black and white, perfect colors to better express the modern design of the jewelry we offer. Truly innovative in their shape. This set combination is perfect!

Model wearing brown-colored round stud earrings and copper-colored pendant
“Mezzaluna” stud earrings in brown and copper-colored pendant. Click to purchase
Small circle stud dangle earrings made of paper in two colors, olive green and baby pink
Light green “Mezzaluna” stud earrings and baby pink circle pendant. Click to purchase
Circle-shaped stud earrings with small central pendant, made of white and ivory-colored paper
Ivory “Mezzaluna” stud earrings and white pendant. Click to purchase

Delicious colorful “Mezzaluna” earrings with small matching pendant, perfect to wear in all seasons. Discover the available colors combination of these earrings by visiting the shop.

The Christmas 2023 gift guide is constantly updated.

Discover the magnificent combinations of necklaces, bracelets and earrings each day and choose whether to give the complete set or just one of the proposed jewelry pieces as a gift.

Shipping and delivery time

Shipping? Throughout the pre-Christmas period it is guaranteed according to the delivery times of couriers or the Italian Postal Service.

Are you in a hurry? No panic, you can purchase your Last minute gift (we recommend as soon as possible) and we’ll ship via DHL Courier, choose the upgrade when you place your order, delivered worldwide in 2-4 days.

We ship all over the world!

Italy Express delivery (in 1/2 days) and DHL Courier worldwide (in 2-4 days).

Visit the shop to discover all the jewelry available.

Visit the Verde Alfieri website

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