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Verde Alfieri has been creating unique and exclusive contemporary paper jewelry for over a decade

“Verde Alfieri” is in Milan, the Italian capital of design and fashion, where she creates contemporary paper jewelry and paper art totally handmade with the spirit of high Italian craftsmanship, using unique and high quality materials, sometimes recycled, with the accuracy of a always and uniquely sustainable process.

Labirinti Collection

The perfect match with any outfit

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Parole d’Amor Collection

Exclusive recycled paper jewels from books


Sculptural jewellery and one of a kind

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New arrivals


“These jewels are small works of art, they amaze with the choice of colors and incredible shapes.
Truly unique!”

Trendy jewellery

SempreVerde Collection

Paper sculptures

Cronotopi and Collages

between art and design

tra arte e design, una scultura vaso fatta in carta nera
scultura di carta moderna color nero

A world made of paper

The process

The contemporary paper jewelry and sculptures are totally handmade. The papers used are cut by hand or with the use of cutting machines. Each paper element, punched one or more times, is then strung one by one onto various supports. Touching the jewels and sculptures with your fingers means perceiving the silky softness of the paper, which is why each jewel and each sculpture is then smoothed and not varnished to preserve the paper from this unique sensation.

High quality papers

To create the all the jewelry collections we use high quality papers, produced in Italy or in international paper mills, chosen for their many characteristics including strength, the high range of colours, moisture resistance but above all for the their eco-sustainable production. They are special papers used by artists for the creation of their artworks.

Recycled papers

Book papers are recycled to create jewellery whose design highlights the texture of the text printed on the neutral background of the paper. The result is a game between black and white that make each jewel exclusive.

Paper jewelry care

Do paper jewelery get destroyed with water? Are they protected with varnish?
Try to imagine an artist who creates works with the watercolor technique.
While painting with the brush he wets his sheet of paper with water rich in colored pigments. Watercolor paintings are always soaked in plenty of liquid as they are made, resulting in them being completely wet. You will discover that the paper will return to its original state as it dries.

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