Verde Alfieri

Jewelry Design


Verde Alfieri, Venetian, daughter of the well-known publisher, journalist and art critic Bruno Alfieri (in 1950, he organized Jackson Pollock’s first solo exhibition in Europe for Peggy Guggenheim in Venice, he was among the jurors of the Compasso d ‘Oro in the 1950s, among the founders of ADI – Industrial Design Association, he directed architecture and design magazines such as Interni, Casabella and founded the magazines Metro, Zodiac and Lotus which are still published today).

Verde lives and works in Milan where she moved in 1982. After her studies since 1990 she has mainly dealt with graphics and communication, working for numerous publishing houses, for well-known Italian companies and since 1996 in the family publishing house.

Artistic training

Her love for contemporary art, born from the assiduous frequentation of the ateliers of Italian artists, to the experiences lived in the family and in her hometown, leads her to approach the artistic world and in particular to digital art since mid nineties.

Verde’s artistic growth underwent a profound evolution in 2013 when she began to combine her digital work with the creation of small sculptures to wear, thus introducing a more physical and material aspect to the experience gained over the years.

The paper jewels

It is in 2014 that her continuous experimentation leads Verde to create her first collection of paper jewels, Labirinti, totally handmade. Each jewel has ample space for chromatisms, shapes and architectural construction a deep result in an interesting, uncommon research in the field of handcrafted paper jewellery.

After her definitive abandonment of the activity of Art Director since 2015 Verde dedicates herself to the creation of contemporary jewelry, constantly developing new collections with a unique and innovative design, transforming paper into precious works of art to wear.

The Verde Alfieri Jewel Design jewelry collections

Cordini (2013), rope jewelry

It is the first collection of jewels handmade with sailing ropes, it takes up the sinuous shapes that characterize the digital art works Melting Verde.

Cordini collection, “Ellipsis” necklace in golden sailing rope, brass bolts, 2015.

Labirinti (2014), paper jewellery, eco-sustainable jewellery

A collection of artist’s jewels born from the experimentation of a poor material such as paper that allows the creation of unique and innovative jewels, with a strong plastic connotation.

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Labirinti collection, “Petals” necklace, fine paper, metal wire, brass, 2018.
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Parole d’Amor (2015), jewellery handmade with paper recycled from books.

Continuous research has led to the creation of jewels of an even more eco-sustainable nature by introducing the recycling of paper from books or magazines.

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Parole d’Amor collection “Blue words” necklace in recycled paper from books, blue precious paper, ceramic beads, brass wire and magnetic closure, 2019.
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Dreamers (2019), miniatures jewelry

Small plastic actors are the protagonists of the stories told in these jewels. Each jewel, a small sculpture to wear, is the tale of a dream freely interpreted by the wearer.

Dreamers collection, “Mothers and Sisters” necklace in precious pearly and layered paper, plastic miniatures, collage, brass, 2019.
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Dune (2020) ethnic jewellery

Produced with precious papers that recall the colors of the African lands, the sand of the Sahara, the brown of Teak wood, the red of Masai fabrics, sometimes illuminated by gold powder or scented with coffee brushed like watercolor to capture intense shades recalling territorial contaminations.

Dune collection, “Dune” necklace in fine paper, eco-leather cord, metal thread, gold powder, 2020.
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Unplugged (2020), masterpieces

Composed of unique or limited edition jewelry in paper, rope, micro knitting with cotton thread, semi precious stones, acrylic paint, watercolor, brass thread.

The micro knitting used for the creation of some jewels in this collection is the result of a long experimentation of alternative materials that could be combined with paper in the creation of unique jewelry.

Unplugged collection, “Eunoia” necklace in precious paper, micro knitting in cotton thread, semi-precious stones, ceramic beads, brass wire, 2020.
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